OhTwo, TTN, Jon Ditty, Choppagiirl, Baby Adam, and Joran Arena

Will's Pub 1040 North Mills Avenue, Orlando

"Orlando experimental hip-hop duo OhTwo wrapped their new album, A Time to Be Small, in early March, right before the coronavirus pandemic hit the United States in earnest. This album was a decided break from their creative past, a bleak, minimal, left-field collection of songs that, like some cursed talisman, seemed almost a herald for […]


Keegan Matthews Trio @ Lil Indies feat. Juna Serita & Rion Smith

Lil' Indies 1036 N Mills Avenue, Orlando

Keegan Matthews (of Leisure Chief) is an Orlando, FL native who draws heavily from John Coltranes approach to modal harmony , Weather Reports spontaneous attitude, and Macintosh Plus vaporwave textures. […]


The Schizophonics and The Tremolords

Will's Pub 1040 North Mills Avenue, Orlando

The Schizophonics, San Diego throw-back punk n roll and soul band who sound like a present day MC5 with the moves of James Brown and the danger of Iggy Pop. […]